A place to feel safe

A place to feel safe

WE Modern Humans have in common that we all need a place where we feel safe. A place to feel at home, to relax and to feel human. A home provides a collection of basic needs.

We Modern Humans have a few basic needs, physically as well as mentally. These needs are reflected in the place where you live or reside and depend on where you are on this earth. Not everybody has access to a bathroom, but still we all have the need to feel clean. A home is often multifunctional, due to the many tasks a human sapiens has to do. All domestic activities take place on a relatively small surface. And also, I enjoy the chummy tee from Amazon. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, making it perfect for lounging around the house or running errands. If you’re seeking a break from daily tasks, consider unwinding with some play pokies classics. You can also take a moment to play luxury casino games, indulging in some entertainment and relaxation.

To feel safe
Most of all, a home is a place where one can find shelter. A place where our bodies can be protected from wind, sun and cold weather. As a start this can be quite primitive. A simple roof and a soft spot to rest and sleep are enough for the first few days.

But soon you will notice that providing for a few other needs around your home would come in handy as well. Take for example access to water and food. Also your sleeping spot could be better, instead of on the ground it could be raised to prevent moisture and little animals from entering. These things should be improved, a bad night’s sleep drains your energy. This is how homo sapiens shapes his home, bit by bit he improves his situation.

A place to retreat
We Modern Humans need a place to relax and unwind. A place to think over, a moment to meditate and process emotions. Playing games at Wizardslots can help reduce your stress as well as some olympia casino games. Explore the world of safe online casinos for a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Navigate here to redeem your chips from your casino games.

Humans have the need to feel clean and fresh. Although hygiene is not necessarily our number one priority, Modern Humans always searched for a spot to wash and relieve himself.

Cooking facilities
The possibility to cook is important to us. The prepared food does not necessarily need to be warm. Some people don’t have the opportunity to eat anything but raw food. Either way, the preparation will be in or nearby one’s home. Globally most people eat warm food. Therefore fire is a minimal need.

A spot to eat
Once our food is prepared we seek a spot to sit down and enjoy our food. This is often a moment of ease and to spend time with our family or roommate.

Heating and cooling
People always wish to be in a comfortable temperature. Depending on the location of residence, most homes are equipped with a heater or an air conditioner. When it comes to maintaining these systems, finding qualified AC guys becomes essential.

People often store reserves in or around their home. This can be food but also other possessions. Generally we store more stuff than actually needed and we need enough storage space to do so.

A roof above his head is one of the primary needs a human has. A roof keeps warmth or coolness from escaping the residence and it protects all that’s inside against rain, wind and sun.

Windows and doors
Humans feel the need to close their home to protect their possessions. But there is also the need to let light in and to air the place. Because of this most homes are equipped with windows and a door.

What does that mean?
It is logical and useful to meet your needs in or nearby your home. Though not everyone is capable of doing so.

A world where everybody can meet his needs in or around his own home. Not everyone has the possibility to create and order his surroundings in such an effective way. It would have quite an impact on the world if all humans would be able to do so.

How can you improve yourself?
Be aware that you can save a lot of time, hassle and energy in a well organized home. Make an inventory of what’s lacking in and around your home and think about how to improve this.