WE Modern Humans need hope. Hope makes life, it is essential for humans. Hope gives people a grip and it increases motivation in times of uncertainty. It also helps getting out of undesirable situations.

Hope definition
To define hope: Hope is the uncertain and sometimes unrealistic expectation that a certain desired event will happen.

There are two opposites of hope:
• Despair if the probability of the desired event seems to have passed, or fear if the (uncertain) expectation concerns an undesirable event.
• False hope if the expectation is entirely based on fantasy or on an event with a negligible chance of becoming reality.

When you are hopeless, it feels like powerlessness and this is disheartening. Your emotional state changes and the hopelessness can even lead to depression. A hopelessly romantic person is a person who has romantic notions. He or she can also be described as a dreamer, idealists or sentimentalist.

Hope can be passive, like a wish, but hope can also be active. In the latter case, the chance of the desired event to actually take place is increased by personal efforts. The basis of hope is that you want something, but you have little to no influence yourself. If you hope for something and then this fails to come true, disappointment arises.

What does that mean?
Hope is something that everyone has, to a greater or lesser extent. It indicates that someone cannot fully control his circumstances.

A world where everyone’s hope is realistic. Outcomes will improve and disappointments do not hit so hard.

How can you improve yourself?
Having hope is not a bad thing, as long as you stay realistic. Avoid false hope, false hope is not realistic. If your hope does not become reality, you will have to accept that. In certain situations, hope can offer a way out and increase motivation and determine direction in one’s life.