WE Modern Humans constantly strive to experience freedom. This need is present all over the world, no matter how much freedom or how many restrictions there are at a certain place.

Here we come across an essential question: does human freedom exist and if so, what is it exactly?

Freedom definition
To define freedom: basically, people long for the freedom to be able to do what they want and the freedom of speech. There is also the need not to be alone and this brings us to a paradox. As soon as there is more than one person, we will have to adjust our social level and relinquish a certain freedom.

This applies mainly when a hierarchy prevails or arises. Freedom is usually seen as the privilege to do what one wants and to not do what one doesn’t want to. These same privileges would be applicable to others and can be on a physical as well as on a spiritual level. Besides this, persons should be allowed to disembosom.

However, there will always be limitations. This can be because of certain legislations or restrictions in, for example, what you can and may say publically. Some parts of the world are ‘free’, as in that they do not belong to the territory of a state, such as the open sea. But there, the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” is applicable.

As you see, you will never be completely free as a modern human being.

Wherever in the world you are, if you have duties you also have rights. The freedom humans have is described in the rights of human.

Human rights
All over the world, freedom is a central concept in human rights. Freedom is described in a large number of meanings and connections. For example, terms such as “freedom to” and “freedom (or indemnity) of” are used.

It speaks of personal, intellectual, political and academic freedom. The rights of freedom include freedom of conscience, religion, expression and freedom of speech. One is free in choice of faith, parenting style (parental power), work, life partner, etc. Also natural or commercial freedom are discussed, as well as the adoption of autonomy.

As you can read, freedom plays a big role in human rights. You could say that the main goal of human rights is to guarantee this freedom that we long for to the fullest extent possible.

Freedom and limitations
As described above, apart from your rights to freedom, you also have obligations or, in this case, limitations. Examples of this:
• In the freedom of speech it is not permitted to call for hatred or violence (the prohibition of hate speech).
• In the freedom of movement, a state may determine whether or not someone is allowed to enter its territory.
• In the freedom of religion, the government may limit the choice for the place of worship, for the clothing that is worn as a religious expression and the way in which children are raised within a certain faith.
• In the freedom of dealing with one’s own body (medicine use, drugs, tattoo, mutilation, etc.), a government may intervene if the individual cannot be held accountable.
• In the freedom of expression, such as art in public places, the government may set limits to preserve public order and morality.

Below you will find the link to Human Rights in various language areas:
Human rights in all available languages.

What does that mean?
In general we can say that freedom stops at the border of another. Unfortunately, this border can also be a cause for conflicts.

A world where everyone can be free in his actions while showing respect to another. A world where someone can determine and set his own limits.

How can you improve yourself?
As soon as you do not feel free, try to find out where this feeling is coming from. Is it just a feeling or is it a legal or social demarcation? If you cannot live with it, see if there is a place where you can escape this demarcation.
Generally: imagine how others feel and set limits for yourself. Respect this limit, after all it was your own free choice to set this limit. Be aware which of your personal limits others should not cross and communicate this with the people around you, so they know which limits you have.