WE Modern Humans feel the need to be happy, to have hopes and things to look forward to. This can make us feel happy. But also being together or attending a party can make us happy. An achieved goal can also contribute to our happiness.

Happiness definition
To define happiness: being happy is a state of mind that you experience. The feeling of happiness often originates from the absence of frustration, depression, feeling overworked, anger or sadness.

The moment you experience happiness, you usually live in the ‘now’. Happiness is being satisfied with current living conditions. This can spark various positive emotions, such as joy, peacefulness, relaxation and cheerfulness.

What does that mean?
Nothing is as nice as experiencing happiness without the distraction of unpleasant feelings.

A world where everybody shares the feeling of being joyful and happy.

How can you improve yourself?
Movement [link] and happiness are connected with each other. A simple walk can make all the difference in how you feel. That the body has an influence on your state of mind and therefore also in experiencing happiness, we also see in the use of power pose: Amy Cuddy (Harvard Business School), Dana Carney and Andy Yap (Columbia University) have conducted an experiment on the extent to which body language influences a person’s feelings, behavior and hormone level. They claim that adopting certain body postures makes us immediately happier and more alert. Physically it is sufficient to positively change the chemistry of your brain by means of a power pose.