Covid-19: how to properly use & re-use a Mask?

WE Modern Humans How to prevent Corona virus (covid-19)?

Corona Virus
We modern humans have a new challenge, to get the Corona Virus under control. By following a number of rules you can prevent the virus from spreading. If all people follow these rules, the virus will most likely become controllable.

One of the rules:
Wear a mask, protect others and yourself from the virus. Replace the mask every time after it has been used, in case of shortages you will have to reuse it. Follow the instructions on how to properly put on a mask and how to use and reuse the mask in the cleanest way possible.

In order for a mask to offer protection — rather than becoming a vehicle for COVID-19 germ-spreading — it must be handled, worn and stored properly. This step-by-step video on mask-wearing covers the how-tos and the do’s and dont’s of mask use, with tips from Sarasota Memorial nurse Jennifer Sorensen, RN.