WE Modern Humans have empathy towards each other. Empathy is a good basis for healthy relationships. The word empathy is derived from the Greek word ἐμπάθεια (empatheia), in other words, sympathy.

Empathy definition
To define empathy: Having empathy is the ability to sympathize with the situation and feelings of others.

Empathy deals with the degree to which someone can relate to his own emotions, to recognize these emotions in himself and in others. Also if someone can express these emotions and act upon these emotions, plays a role. People who are sufficiently emphatic know themselves on the emotional level and can level emotionally with others, as they are aware of themselves and of others.

Being able to imagine oneself in somebody else’s situation and being able to understand the emotions of others, contributes to the communication with fellow humans. Without empathy, conversations might be based on misunderstandings or there can arise differences of opinion. Empathy helps to understand verbal and non-verbal messages from others.

If someone is less empathic, it doesn’t necessary mean that this person doesn’t try to feel someone else’s emotions, because this is something every human does. For a less empathic person it is more difficult to sense someone else’s emotions and understand what’s going on in the other person’s head. This might result in misinterpretation of the other person’s feelings, as the less empathic person makes assumptions based on his own feelings.

What does that mean?
Empathy means that someone can connect oneself to the situation and feelings of another. This does not necessarily mean that someone shares or agrees with the feelings of this other person.

A world where everyone can imagine oneself in the situation of another.

How can you improve yourself?
Every person has empathy, but it is a quality that you can keep on developing. Know that you are not alone in the world. Take a good look at the people around you and ask yourself what is going on inside these people and then act upon this.