WE Modern Humans need love. Not only to receive, but also to give.

Love definition
To define love: Love is a basic emotion of deep acceptance and affection for another, a group or for one’s self. Love is essential, without love we won’t be able to handle life, although at the same time love makes us vulnerable. Love can be explained quite easily, as it plays an important role in our social functioning. For example, without maternal love, the survival of a child would be much less likely: the care for offspring is therefore also found in many animal species.

Love for your family has to do with being attached and the need for protection. People are often moved by love, it is a feeling that often goes very deep.

Love refers to relationships between people. A group of people, animals, a certain activity but also objects can generate a feeling of love. Love has to do with the choice of a partner, although this is often also culturally determined. Romantic relationships are characterized by specific behaviors and are often accompanied by certain emotions such as sexual feelings, being moved emotionally, a feeling of well-being and combinations of these.

What does that mean?
Love is a basic emotion of deep acceptance and affection. Love makes us happy [link] and gives a feeling of perfection and warm affection.

A world in which everyone has the opportunity to feel loved, where people are full of love for each other.

How can you improve yourself?
If you feel love for something or someone, spend as much time together as possible. It is better to see someone face to face than to use digital communication. Communicate openly with each other, communication influences relationships.

If you want to experience more love, increase your social contacts. Find a socially richer environment and be attentive to others.