WE Modern Humans need compassion. We can relate to and empathize with the situation of others, but we also expect others to relate and empathise with us. It’s nice to have the feeling that others understand what is going with you, but it is also fulfilling to support another in his situation. As you can read, compassion is a two-way emotion, a need that is given and received back and forth.

Compassion definition
To define compassion: compassion is offering others understanding, support and kindness when they make mistakes or experience a setback.

If you do not realize it when someone is having a hard time, you do not feel compassion. Thus, you first need to be touched by the suffering of someone else before you respond to his pain. As soon as you respond, you feel warmth, affection and the need to help or support the other.

You can also feel compassion towards yourself. You look at yourself in the same way as you would at another when you experience a difficult time, when you fail or when there is something that you do not like about yourself.

What does that mean?
It’s nice when others understand what is going on with you, but also to support someone if his situation asks for it.

A world where everyone can imagine oneself in the situation of another and offer support and understanding when needed.

How can you improve yourself?
Compassion towards others: once you show compassion to someone, stay patient. Sometimes this can be difficult, as certain situations can go on for a long time.

Compassion towards yourself: the important thing here is to accept yourself the way you are. For example, say to yourself “if I fail or if something does not suit me, the first step is to accept that I’m having a hard time”. Ask yourself how you can comfort yourself and how to take care of yourself in this situation. Instead of ruthlessly judging and criticizing yourself, comprehend your own mistakes and flaws.

Of course you can try to change yourself to become happier [link] and healthier [link], but you will do that because you care about yourself; not because you think you are worthless and unacceptable.