Our philosophy

PhilosophyWE Modern Humans are the human species. Everybody, on every continent, all over the world belongs to this group.

What do we as human beings have in common? In general we have more needs in common than you might expect, despite differences in cultural and  religious views, skin color or other characteristics.

We Modern Humans have a few basic needs. Physically as well as mentally. Universal sign language tells us that we are one. Take for example a smile. Everybody knows what it means when you encounter someone with a smile, despite other gestures made.

We have a lot in common in terms of physical needs, though these needs are often met in different ways depending on the location somebody was born or resides nowadays. One person will use a wood stove or central heating to warm up, while another seeks a way to cool down in the shade indoors or by turning on the air conditioner.

Human emotions touch us on the essential side of being human. Emotions and the way we reflect these emotions form – together with logical thinking – a set of basic tools. We use emotions to relate to one another and to ourselves. By acknowledging and handling  these emotions we can apply them to ourselves and use them when dealing with someone else.

This is what this website is about: what we modern humans have in common and how we deal with the daily challenges we face. Physically and mentally. Imagine that this website provides you with information with which you can improve your life right away, everywhere on earth, on every continent, and in any condition. Read and find more info so you can understand it.

What does that mean?
It is notable that We Modern Humans concentrate our physical and mental needs as close to home – our safe place – as possible. For example food. Most houses have a spot to cook indoors or nearby the house. This way everybody can prepare food without much hassle. Also the food itself will be found close by – either by growing it oneself, barter or in a nearby supermarket.