WE Modern Humans need hope. Hope makes life, it is essential for humans. Hope gives people a grip and it increases motivation in times of […]


WE Modern Humans feel the need to be happy, to have hopes and things to look forward to. This can make us feel happy. But […]


WE Modern Humans have empathy towards each other. Empathy is a good basis for healthy relationships. The word empathy is derived from the Greek word […]


WE Modern Humans need compassion. We can relate to and empathize with the situation of others, but we also expect others to relate and empathise […]


WE Modern Humans need each other for support. Supporting each other works both ways: offering support, giving help and receiving it. Support definition To define […]


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Read how to improve yourself and your environment and how you can take advantage of this. WE Modern Humans are the human species. Everybody, on every […]