Our body needs movement

Our body needs movement

WE Modern Humans feel the need to move. Our body needs movement and exercise.  We benefit from this: moving is healthy and keeps you fit.

The way we move depends on where we are and which tasks we perform. In general, you can say that our bodies are made for walking. For us, walking is the most natural way of moving.

How much movement and exercise is healthy for our body?  Some people go for a walk or walk to a certain destination every single day. Others are regularly found at the gym, are member of a sportsclub or exercise at home.

Generally you can say:
– Moving is good, moving more is better
– Exercise every week in a moderate or more intensive manner, divided over several days
– Do some muscle and bone strengthening activities every week
– Prevent being idle too often (sitting too much can give you a stifling feeling)

What does that mean?
For human beings it’s good to move. Our bodies need movement.

A world where everybody has enough time and space to move or exercise.

How can you improve yourself?
Move in a moderate manner to increase your pulse and breathing, while still being able to talk. For example walking, biking, moderate swimming and the bit heavier household chores like cleaning the windows and gardening.
During intensive activities you will breathe heavier and may even start to pant and puff. Examples of these kind of activities are running, cycling and sports like soccer and hockey.

– Move at least 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day.
– Moving strengthens muscles and bones. Improve your condition and feel psychically more fit.
– Moving reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and psychological problems.
– You will feel more fit and sleep better.
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– When sitting, switch to walking or standing every once in a while.